say what?

8 2 brute? 8 2 brute?

Zounds! 4Sooth! Woot! Iz da bard f avon tweetng?
More than 400 years ago, Will Shakespeare said, “Brevity is the Soul of Wit”. Today SHAKESPEARE SEZ: “Brevity is the Soul of (T)wit”. Our Willie—with his new Smartphone in hand—has been catapulted – thumbs first – from Elizabethan times into the 21st Century. Decked out in natty business attire and with thumbs flying, you might find him pondering the vast mystery of life; suffering the ultimate political betrayal; whipping up reptilian concoctions in the kitchen, as well as in a myriad more of his memorable scenes. So, look ye upon this goodly wealth and thus let merriment abound ! Wilz wit n’ wizdm—now available on lots o’ funne stuffe—is the perfect gift for the literati of today’s twitterati. It’s all only a mouse clicke away! Browse. Laugh. Buy.