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In straightforward English, this is a brilliantly clever and imaginative website: a delight to browse for any lover of Shakespeare's plays and poetry. It has many handsome associated products. But, above all, enjoy the wit.

Jim Knowlson British academic, writer and biographer of the 1969 Nobel Prize winner for Literature, Samuel Beckett. July 1, 2017


I ❤ SHAKESPEARE SEZ. Literary. Hilariously anachronistic. Clever. Unique. Lots of cool, eye-catching stuff to catch the fancy of folks with a hungry intellect and a highly-developed sense of whimsy.

Wanda Jewell
Executive Director
SIBA (Southern Independent Booksellers Alliance)


Wil Shaksper woud flip @ da brevty of all dis twit!

Arielle Eckstut and David Henry Sterry
The Book Doctors

Here is gr8tns thrst upn u

F. Kim Hodgson
Former Chairman of the Board
National Public Radio


Maureen Dowd
Op-ed Columnist
New York Times

Shakespeare said it but he never said it with such ebullience and pith as Shakespeare Sez sez it. It’s Much Ado about Quite a Lot. Shakespeare Sez is the most fun Shakespearean compendium ever! When should you use Shakespeare Sez? Start today and then tomorrow and tomorrow and tomorrow.

Dick Goldberg

Thnx Sez. 👍👍

Shakespeare 4 Kids

Who wouldn’t want William Shakespeare to amaze them with his adroitness on androids, insights on iPhones and moniker on mugs? Alas, thwarted by a malign star, Shakespeare did not have Shakespeare Sez as his muse. Yet, in a twist of fate for all us mere mortals, he is now channeling by word-of-pixel with updates from Stratford-upon-Avon.

Rick Fisher

Thanks so much for your funne package!

Rebecca O’Mara
Desdemona in OTHELLO
Abbey Theatre – Dublin, Ireland
The Voice of Caitlin
Thomas the Tank Engine

Twitter is great for brevity. Gotta love that you can’t ramble on too much in 140 characters. Concise and efficient!

Shakespeare in the Ruin
Winnipeg, Canada

Aw man, thanks Shakespeare!

Strand Bookstore